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.Explain in brief what is FER.

.Q: Explain in brief what is FER.

  • FER= Number of erased blocks\ total no of blocks *100
  • It is the right measure of voice quality.
  • FER is performed on speech& signaling frames
  • FER-------   0 to 4%,        GOOD.
2          to 15% ,   slightly degraded
Greater than 15%, useless


  1. Could you please tell me what is the term block mean here in the context?

  2. fer is calculated in full and sub mode in full it ranges from 0 to 100percent while sin sub it has only three values 0 50 and 100,
    it is the calculation depicting how many frames after coding (using CRC cyclic redundancy check are bad) if ang bit if found bad the whole frame is rejected

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